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Food & Dining in Estonia

Estonian food can seem very fatty and starchy to some. There is a wide range of international dishes available, especially in the larger towns.

Estonian food draws heavily from German and Scandinavian cuisine. The closest thing to a national dish is verivorst, black pudding, served with mulgikapsad, which is basically sauerkraut stew.

Many types of food are close to Russian and have their equivalents almost exclusively in former USSR, such as hapukoor (smetana in Russian), a sour 20%-fat milk dressing for salads, especially kartulisalat (potato salad).

Some restaurants in Estonia also offer bear meat.

10% is standard for restaurants in larger towns, although sometimes it will be added automatically, so check your receipt before adding anything extra. In rural areas tipping will not usually be expected.


Tallinn is a diverse city with great cuisine options. Tallinn had a historically important trading location and it was ruled by different countries in different centuries, which resulted in the city learning about a lot of different dishes techniques. Today, visitors can find a wide variety of cuisines.


For a wide variety of dining options visit the Old Town in Kesklinn. There are a number of restaurants, cafés, bars, breweries and wineries around the old part of Tallinn. Kesklinn also has some of the best fine dining. Gloria Veinikelder is a luxury restaurant which has a great wine cellar. Moskva is a stylish restaurant and nightclub. The unique restaurant Admiral offers dining on a steam ship. Olde Hansa offers delicious fare and is set to look like you are eating in the 15th century, complete with mouth watering dishes such as 'Arabian Fillets in Fig Sauce'. Or simply relax with a cup of coffee at Bogapott, a small artistic shopping gem and café.

Enjoy local cuisine at Eesti Maja and Kuldse Notsu Kõrts. For Italian food and pizza visit Restoran Bocca, Controvento, Americana, and Tiina Pizza. Delicious French cuisine is served at Le Château where the staff is dressed up in peasant costumes and the restaurant is decorated to resemble 17th century France. The lovers of American cuisine won't be disappointed either. Texas Honky Tonk & Cantina brings Texas straight to Estonia. Troika Trahter offers Russian fare and a Russian tavern ambiance including live folk music. Tchaikovsky Restaurant offers both French and Russian dishes.


Kristinne may not be known as a tourist area, but it has several delicious options that may make it worth the trip. For belly dancing, Middle Eastern cuisine and a wide selection of dishes, head to Bazar. The restaurant is aptly named for an Arabian bazaar and is decorated to match. Mandarin offers reasonable priced Chinese food with huge portions. A long queue often forms, but the wait is usually short.


This district offers a beautiful area for dinning. You can find a café and enjoy a drink by the Kadriorg Park. For Mexican food, head to Cantina Carramba. Cantina Carramba is the place for unique Mexican experience with real drinks from Central America and outstanding interior design.




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