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Estonia Immigration Information Work Permit

Citizens of the EU, EEA, and Switzerland may be employed in or establish a business in Estonia without applying for a work or residence permit. The only requirement is that they register with the Estonian authorities if their stay exceeds 30 days.

EU and EAA citizens may wish to obtain a temporary residence permit. This allows the EU and EAA citizens to register as a person performing the function of a member of an Estonian company's statutory body. If the EU citizen has family members who are non-EU citizens, they may become eligible for temporary residence visas if their EU family member obtains one.

All other foreign nationals who wish to work in Estonia must obtain a temporary residence permit for the purpose of employment.

They will require the following documents to do so:

• valid passport or other valid ID;
• two passport-type photographs;
• documentation confirming purpose of the residency, such as a work contract or written confirmation from the employer specifically demonstrating the foreigner's employment.

Temporary residence permits for the purpose of employment are valid for five years and may be extended repeatedly for further periods of five years. The application typically takes 180 days to process if filed at a Consulate abroad; it takes approximately 60 days if filed in Estonia.




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